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Ice Cream

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Restored Mr  & Mrs Whippy Ice Cream Vans

Self-contained units

Think Ice Cream - think ‘Mr Whippy’, a name

synonymous with light fluffy cones of cool

delight topped off with raspberry syrup and a chocolate flake! Served from an iconic

lovingly restored original van - a piece of ice cream vending history - It will take you back!


Period Ice Cream Vans

Self-contained units

What ‘cooler’ way to relive those sunny

Summer days of years gone by. Our exciting

retro ice cream vans - bring a taste of

nostalgia to any event with a selection of

fondly remembered flavours - brilliant!


Bespoke Period Ice Cream Parlour

A stand alone bespoke ice cream parlour capturing the very essence of quality ice cream cones in a range of flavours.

Willow Catering options...

Mr & Mrs Whippy